Morning. Again. And Winter.
Ick, ick, double ick. Icky.

And worse: it’s Thursday.
And it’s morning.
Thursday. Morning.

Maybe someone, but not me, sleeps.
I suppose I do sleep
but I gotta say
every early morning
—especially today—
it seems like not.

My joints won’t work.
The bone joints, that is;
the shoulders and the knees
and especially the back.
(Is the back a joint, or
just a bunch of bones?
I don’t know
but it ain’t working.)

I suppose
if I had a few joints 
(dope joints, not bone joints)
and I smoked one or two
before I went to sleep
and one or two more
as soon as I woke up,
then if the bone joints failed me
it wouldn’t be such a pain.

I remember this much:
it’s nice to be out of my mind.
Those were the days.
And I’m sure lots of them
were Thursdays, too,
way back then,
just like today.

Thursday Thursday Bo Brrrsday
Banana Fana Fo Fursday
Fee Fi Mo Mursday

Miz Quickly’s 1/13 Thursday
~ Bonerrific ~


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