The Fading Cafe

Thanks to Donna Matthews for providing the provocative Mary Oliver quote as our inspiration for this week’s Haibun Wednesday of at the Go Dog Go Café.


The Fading Café

“…the sprawling darkness of not knowing.”
(Mary Oliver)

Almost everyone at the café smiles at him, but he’s come to know first-hand that you can’t always trust a smile. He always smiles back, trying to recall most of their names. His usual window seat awaits, looking out on Main Street, or maybe it’s Spring Street –he can never remember which. But he knows how he likes his coffee (black, one sugar, shot of Kahlua) and he’s pretty sure he won’t have to instruct the barista because he’s a regular, after all, and he’s pretty sure she’s been here a while. He’s kind of surprised when she asks.

mid-morning coffee
—tomorrow makes no promise—
evening advances

Go Dog Go Café
Haibun Wednesday
~ sprawling darkness ~


2 thoughts on “The Fading Cafe

  1. I love, love the subtle details of this line, “But he knows how he likes his coffee (black, one sugar, shot of Kahlua).” Your storytelling is superb – I can’t wait to see what you come up with this week!

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