I’m With Them

(A combo, this morning)


Not Counting The Guns Factor

Soldier. Sailor. Air Force. Cop. Whatever.
Black. Blue. Grey, white, camo. Drab.
Blah blah blah blah blah.
Uniforms are uniform.

Some guys get to wear pink;
get to glitter their eyebrows, paint nails,
bump, grind, imitate the divas,
dance, dance, dance the night away.

No one cares how you dress
as long as no one gets killed.

Tuesday Twiglet #261
~ you wear pink ~
Miz Quickly 1/11 Tuesday
~ Same Difference ~



4 thoughts on “I’m With Them

  1. Speaks volumes.
    I grew up in NYC’s Village in the 1960’s… Had to be very careful then. But I was a misfit…too young to really know what was going on.

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