Thanks to the cafe’s Donna Matthews who, this week, invites us to …write about something that scares you, but you’d be willing to try.


Poet’s Biggest Fear

He thinks that hanging out with the fictionauts and the prosers might damage his poetry. He’s afraid of writing a nightmare.

These days, instead of concentrating on linebreaks and imagery, he worries about commas and semicolons; thinks in dependent clauses; ponders parallel constructions and parenthetical prepositional phrases.

He fears his final draft will not sing; will only provide sedation.

A minstrel’s nightmare
—vanished versification—
Pick up the pen. Write.

Go Dog Go Café
~ Haibun Wednesday ~


3 thoughts on “Undeterred

  1. Very relatable. Though I rarely re-write or edit after the first drafts. I don’t worry so much about the Grammar Police. If they can’t enjoy for the sake of enjoyment then they need another profession besides picking on poets.

    I just fly by the seat of my pants… or pen. 😉
    Yep… just ‘Write On!’

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