Sevenling (pain’s a pain)

Sevenling (pain’s a pain)

Pain is a pain, whether it’s
ache or throb or twinge, or
day or night, or all, or both.

And no one’s immune; not
the doctors or the patients,
or even the anesthesiologists.

Upside: nothing lasts forever.

Poets and Storytellers United
Friday #4
~ Pain In Ink ~

poets and storytell

11 thoughts on “Sevenling (pain’s a pain)

  1. “And why does nothing last forever?” the teachers ask. And without waiting for an answer, the teachers themselves reply: “Because everything dies.”

  2. Every one experiences pain, but it’s never the same from person to person. You’d think some people are immune to pain given the lack of sympathy they seem to have… (I’m pointing that at a Dr who managed to belittle my pain during an appointment).

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