Where’s The Remote?

Where’s The Remote?

At least I don’t have to walk around barefoot or hungry; don’t have to worry (yet) that if / when I speak my mind the Big Man’s men are going to come looking for me; don’t have to skulk around my neighborhood (or any neighborhood) worrying that somebody might not like my skin and come chasing after me with their semi-automatic locked and loaded.

I guess I should know I should be counting my blessings; and sometimes I still do, but it’s getting harder every day.

Still three days away
Thanksgiving’s getting harder
—time to change channels—

dVerse Poets Pub
Haibun Monday
~ Giving Thanks ~
QNv 22
~ Impossible ~




14 thoughts on “Where’s The Remote?

  1. That was a great tone, hardhitting, very funny in a dark way, very dry!…Especially the last line of the haiku.

  2. With so much yin and yang going on its a struggle to attain balance without making a choice. Even if it is to change the channel.
    Happy Thanksgiving Ron


  3. Yeah… I appreciate being male, heterosexual, pale skinned, etc… not because they’re “good” or “better” – just because I have to face less discrimination this way than others do…


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