Song Of My S(h)elf


Song Of My Shelf

I’d like to convince myself that I’m
outside, walking in the woods
but there’s no forest here in my office
except the single stained-glass juniper
hanging in the west-facing window.

Beneath the juniper, a shallow plastic dish
holds a few small stones, some sand
and a basking plastic alligator.

I’d like to believe I’m not just sitting here,
keyboarding; that I’m outside, breathing
the last of autumn’s air, walking in woods
or skirting the edge of the Everglades,
sitting in the shade of a juniper tree and
hoping the gator keeps his distance.


QNv 11
~ song of my s(h)elf ~

6 thoughts on “Song Of My S(h)elf

  1. Be careful of them ‘gaters.
    I’ve got a mock stainglass of a peacock.
    Not where I can see it always… but lovely colors.
    Take a deep breath close your eyes… walk. 🙂

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