Lookit It 


When I posted this (these?) poem(s?) I was sure I could hear some alleged rabbit, laughing sadistically. 


Lookit It

I know it’s pretty far down there
but you can still see it, right? Maybe
stand a little closer to the edge or
break out the binoculars. They don’t
chrome-plate ‘em like that anymore.

Maple. That’s what my Mama told me
before I learned to read. Now I know better.
They were never made of maple.
Most of them are still around, though.
My first one’s right over there. Look.

Miz Quickly’s Octoberfest #3
~ not an orange ~


4 thoughts on “Lookit It 

  1. OK then… brings a few things to mind. Besides the sadistically laughing bunny wabbit. One thing I thought of was ‘Watership Down’… the book. Nasty arrangement with the farmer, that.

    Well anyway, or is it? 😉

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