Name That Tune

Okay, I’m into the SoCS (Stream Of Consciousness Saturday) thing lately: minimal planning, no significant editing (ie: typo corrections only). Thanks to Linda G. Hill for the kickstart.

This week’s prompt: “PUZZLE”


Name That Tune

la-la-la     la-la-la-la
la-la-laaaa     la-la-laaaa
la-la-la    la-la-laaa     la-la-laaaa

Go ahead; You can do it.
I know you. I know you can.
You can. I know you.

Even if you don’t     or won’t
or tell yourself you can’t
You know that la-laaaa     la-laaaa
Is gonna la-la-laaa you all day long.
You know it will. It will.

You can ask me for a hint
but all I’m gonna tell you is
dooo-be-doo-be doooooo…

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday
SoCS 09.18.21


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