The Futurist

Ninth day of the 9th month and Laura B over at dVerse Poets challenges us to write a nine-liner called a Novelinee. Rhyme scheme is obvious, must be iambic pent. Not my fave way to go, but…


The Futurist

The formal things he writes don’t matter much
but still he sits and writes them anyway;
the keyboard’s keys are longing for his touch,
(they know full well he’ll never turn away).
Surrender looms; he knows he can’t resist:
He counts the beats and lets iambics rule.
The free verse lovers won’t know what they’ve missed,
and all the formal freaks will sit and drool
when, years from now, they teach his stuff at school.

dVerse Poets
Meeting The Bar – Formal Verse
~ The Novelinee ~


19 thoughts on “The Futurist

  1. Bravo! Brilliant! You make it look so easy – and still add fun
    “He counts the beats and lets iambics rule.
    The free verse lovers won’t know what they’ve missed,”

    And I swear you were born to iambic metre – whereas I’m just a lazy free verse lover so this prompt of mine really was pushing the boat out.

  2. This made me chuckle, Ron.: I love how you send up the ‘free verse lovers’ and the ‘formal freaks.’ Perhaps it will be a study module in the future…

  3. Haha! Love this; and it was nice to slip into the comfort of IP.

    I have mixed feelings about the way poetry incl. Shakespeare is taught in schools. Yes, children should be exposed to it, but teaching it kills any love for poetry they might have learned.

    We studied Romeo and Juliet at school and I thought it was okay; but then our teacher played the Zeffirelli film version for us, and that’s the moment I tumbled into love with Ol’ Bill.

    But I hope your wish comes true. What a shame you won’t be around in 400 years to hear kids complain about how they hate your work 😉

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