This Just In (YAY!)

WIN_20210903_14_13_00_Pro (2)

I just received my copy of 25 Miles From Here, a newly-released anthology from Pure Slush Books (Vol 21), which contains my CNF/poem, entitled Secured Transport.

I’m grateful to Editor Matt Potter for including my work in this fine volume, which contains around 100 pieces (appx 50 poems/50 prose) of outstanding writing.

I’ve taken the liberty of re-publishing my piece HERE:
Secured Transport
but I can certainly recommend the entire volume, currently available only in print but forthcoming (soon!) In PDF:
Pure Slush Vol. 21


6 thoughts on “This Just In (YAY!)

  1. Is THAT how it feels? Yikes. Your portrayal feels all too real … so real I hereby choose to forego trying this on my “own” … (Thanks for link to the poem & congratulations; fits right nicely with the book title.)

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