No Off

It All Runs Together

…at first it’s reading the email
with a NutriGrain bar
and a sip or two of tea
watching the TV news until
the typical almost dozeoff
dreamless but still saturated 
by Texan abortion fanatics
pandemic isolationism
wobbleclimate rain
even in semi-consciousness

dVerse Poets
Open Link Night
~OLN #299 ~


13 thoughts on “No Off

  1. Oh Ron, I feel this one. Is there any good news anymore? After 5 years of nonstop TV watching (news) I am watching less and less of the opinionated shows where they will absolutely thrash something to death. Being English I always return to the BBC for an unbiased report ☺️👍

  2. There is no way to turn all this off … no where to run away from it … These current times are unsettled everywhere, but I am increasingly claustrophobic about being “Texan” … born here, live here, but no longer proud of it! (Polls show 59% of “Tex-us” disagree with the “Tex-ass” control freaks who finagle legalities to suit their lust for power.)

  3. I said at the start of this year ‘I hope 2020 won’t become apoc-eclipsed’ – I fear this is exactly what is happening, as your words so rightly show!

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