Added Value?

There used to be a toilet here
in this tiny little room
beside the walk-in closet
but the landlord pulled it out
moved it to the Family Bath
in its own little closed-in space
adjacent to the shower stall
across from the vanity sinks.

There’s more closet space now
but no one ever showers
when the toilet’s in use
and nobody brushes their teeth
at the shiny white vanities
if the poo-poo box is occupied.

And the landlord’s being sued
for his shabby floor repairs
and the tenant’s broken ankle.

2 thoughts on “Added Value?

  1. You do write about unusual things, Ron!
    I grew up in a house with a single room for all the necessities presented; somehow four of us managed just fine; sharing among 4 was a dream lost when I went off to college, to a dormitory bathroom, curtains rather than closeable doors, zero privacy amid horde of pranksters. I survived. People adapt. Gotta wonder about floors, though.

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