They want you to believe
what they’re selling won’t kill you,
but the truth is everywhere:
overcrowded cardiac units,
psychiatric overload, car crashes
on every other corner.

And they know what tools to use:
the glossiest paints, the shiniest
polish, the slickest jingles and
catchiest slogans. They offer up
the most unbelievable discounts
but the unaltered facts remain:
swill remains swill; gluttony and
blind greed continue unabated.

Everybody hears the promise of a
new day dawning, but every morning
when the alarm goes off, most of us
get up and go reluctantly, unfazed
by the emptiness, undeterred by decay.
Most of us, enervated, overdosed on
blather and hype, can only sit,
motionless, hypnotized, staring at
screens, clutching remotes, comatose.

dVerse Poets
Open Link Night -LIVE
~ OLN # 298 ~


18 thoughts on “Comatose

  1. We used to call this state “Leaden-eyed”, but these days the chatter, static, and hype is cranked loud, on full overload, and your piece stirs up old fears and malaise.

  2. This is an incredible poem, Ron. It’s truth, and you put it so well. The last stanza is so visual, I can see this scene playing just as you describe it. And interestingly though it describes us as lonely disconnected individuals going through the motions, we are all doing that in unison, and are actually closer to each other if only we knew.

    Hope you are well ❤

  3. This is incredibly incredibly potent, Ron and hearing you read this gave the poem a whole new level of depth and emotion. 💝💝

  4. You got this right Ron… the thing that amazes me is the drug ads on TV. Our TV is now the local drug pusher in our own living room. The put new drugs out as fast as I write poems!!

  5. I’m so sorry I missed your reading, Ron. I think you’re onto something here. I’ve been revisiting my childhood home and thinking how fast the days pass – and how we really ought not to waste them doing things which don’t make us feel alive.

  6. ‘Tis the whiting of the human mind, a vastness difficult to comprehend because we think it too. You calibrate the magnitude very well here. Thanks.

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