Home Wrecker


Home Wrecker

The Utopian plan for the
pendant spidersilk sac,
suspended from its
midsummer eave,
nestled in its high corner,
was to await disgorgement
unfazed by threats of
nonexistent rain, unshaken
by unlikely breezes
but nonetheless thwarted
by the power washer’s
soapy stream.


dVerse Poets
Quadrille #132
~ Stream ~


21 thoughts on “Home Wrecker

  1. Yikes! I am terribly afraid of spiders so was glad to learn about the power-washer! This is brilliantly executed, Ron 🙂

  2. when me and my siblings were growing up one of my brothers refused to open his bedroom window for a whole summer due to a sac of baby spiders hanging just outside it. here in england we have no spiders that can hurt you. i can imagine him getting the powerwwasher out to deal wth it. great poem

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