Home Stretch

This week’s Poetics Challenge at dVerse Poets asks us to select one of several minimalist photographs (provided by esteemed member Glenn A. Buttkus) and use it as a springboard for our work.



Home Stretch

As he aged, his vistas grew
but his attention narrowed
to his immediate surroundings

All of his many greens faded,
became vast seas of sand, then
shrunk to a single grain

Sunshine in which he had basked
now baked and burned him,
left him bereft and abandoned

Burdens he’d borne for others
had fallen away long ago
unrecompensed, un-noticed

Now, wallowing in nothingness,
almost totally unrecognizable,
he approaches his destination.

dVerse Poets
~ Minimalist Photography ~


16 thoughts on “Home Stretch

  1. I agree, this is absolutely remarkable, Ron! I especially resonate with; “Sunshine in which he had basked now baked and burned him, left him bereft and abandoned.” Sigh .. such is the sad state (perhaps fate) of many of these beauties. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💝

  2. At least he reaches the end with grace, even if there’s nothing left part of him. Beautifully solemn, Ron. Makes me think in a different light of rusted objects and cars. So much have a life to their own, even if they are not living. Sad that this car was abandoned, though, but I’m glad it finally reaches that destination.

  3. Those first two lines sum up my experience (thus far) with aging … My mind could rust away before my body collapses … gotta wait and see, right? (Bring on poetry for the duration!)

  4. “Home Stretch” is such an apt title. Like looking at abandoned houses and imagining the ghost scenarios within it; this truck could have belonged to a moonshiner, then a rancher; lots of possibilities. It rests in a ghost town in Montana.

  5. Nice done. This is a familiar state for someone who grew up in a part of the country where you’d see this. First the car, then the far, finally the family, all gone in the wind.

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