Time To Remodel?

Sevenling (no one loves) *

No one loves my Janey. Nobody.
No matter where they encounter her,
no one even pretends she’s there.

It doesn’t matter where she goes
or who she meets, or what she says
or doesn’t. Janey remains invisible.

Good thing I have a spare room.


In case you’re baffled, just let me say that today’s rejection slip confirms that my unpublished chapbook, The Janey Poems, will remain unpublished. For now.

* Not familiar with the Sevenling form? You can read all about it HERE.
Fair Warning: Addictive
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15 thoughts on “Time To Remodel?

  1. Well…..my hope is that some of the poems in Janey have been shared with friends, family, or even on dVerse and they have been loved. Rejection letters from publishers are the pits….but I am of the firm belief that they do not constitute rejection…simply the inability to connect with who we are….and we know we’ve connected with many others. Value is in the word….not in the rejection or acceptance slip.
    Excellent post….affirmation in and of itself. 🙂

  2. That is one reason I have never sought publication Ron. I can not abide rejection. My psyche is frail and easily dented. I am glad Janey is resilient my ftiend.

  3. Rejection is never easy. You can always share on line or try, try again. One, of the reason I have never published. It’s too heartbreaking for me.

  4. i liked your poem, and will have to look up this form, it looks intriguing. now, to the matter at hand. back in the day i used to keep a shoebox that i kept all my rejection slips in, my goal was to complete fill the box (well, that was just half of the goal, the other half was to get stuff published) and it worked. there will always be more rejection slips than publishing credits, thats the way it works, especially in the beginning. i choose to wear my rejections like badge of honor, i was “paying my dues”. you just keep at. take some time to lick your wounds, we all do, but then just keep at, keeping writing, keep working hard, and keep submitting your work… that’s an order!

  5. Ron. my advice to you is: Publish it yourself! Screw the small presses! Do you really think they will give you more exposure than you would get on a forum such as this? Sorry about the language, I just find the whole thing quite pretentious.

  6. Ron,
    I’m with Ingrid and Tricia on this. Let Janey find the limelight on her own and her audience will see and hear for themselves. Please don’t let the naysayers get you down.

  7. It sounds like Janey has just been set aside temporarily (‘for now’) -so hopefully she will meet her audience in the future. (A Sevenling is new to me, thank you for the introduction).

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