Not In Darkness

Huge thanks to Haikai Master Frank Tassone for providing this month’s Haibun Monday Prompt at dVerse Poets, encouraging us to write about May’s Full Moon, commonly referred to as the Flower Moon



Not In Darkness

Tonight the sky is filled with the season’s first and fullest moonlight and, even though the moon is full and should fill me with its peace and awe, it fails. Instead, I stand here, alone and emptied, on a distant and foreign field at midnight, staring at my substantial shadow, but lacking your illumination.

an empty garden
—no flower blooms at midnight—
come back to me soon

dVerse Poets
Haibun Monday
~ Flower Moon ~


16 thoughts on “Not In Darkness

  1. Some here at d’Verse talk of Night blossoming flowers; perhaps only in poems, smile. Even the most beautiful of events “needs” to be shared for the event to reach full potential.

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