The Cure

Dancing alone is for fools, he thinks.
(Dancing with her was the best)

Waltzing in daydreams? Impossible!
(But sadly, that’s all he has left)

Dancefloors and orchestras? Meaningless.
(But her memory won’t let him rest.)

Dancing with her in his arms in dreams
lets him wake up far less depressed

dVerse Poets
MTB (Early Edition)
~ da Waltz ~


14 thoughts on “The Cure

  1. What a bittersweet cure – when dreams and memories are all that’s left. Enjoyed this tender poem.

  2. This is a nice sojourn into romantic Ron. Well written my friend. I waltz back into memory at times. Past loves can frequently provide fodder — and I am a sappy romantic at heart. It covers my frequent angry outbreaks of pessimism… although I do at times enjoy them equally. Anyway, well written my friend!

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