(I’ve just “discovered” the Twiglets website…)



The moon, two days past full
dips one shoulder against darkness
pushes sideways toward May
through the last few nights of
April’s fading insistence on winter.

Twiglet #224
~ Moon Rises ~


Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #68
~Beautiful Shorts ~

13 thoughts on “Vestiges

  1. Odd to think that a quarter of the year is already gone…
    Pushed into memory. But I saw 3 goslings, and the first swallowtail butterfly of spring today!!

    Very nice verse. Glad you found Twiglets. Thanks for stopping by my bat 😉

  2. April may do all the insisting it wants, but it will, in the end, yield to May. That’s the way it goes! 😉

  3. I have always loved the word ‘vestiges’ for some reason. Your poem does the word full justice!

  4. Down under in Australia it is now approaching winter and believe it or not it is a clear blue sky and we sit back and hope for rain to moisten the earth before the sun rushes back to cook us again!

  5. This is such a gorgeous image, Ron. I can see the moon in my mind, dipping one shoulder against darkness.Now that NaPoWriMo is over, I’d like to join in with a twiglet or two.

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