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Mr. UPS Man just delivered one of my newer favorite author’s collection: Galoshes (Hepzibah Press, 2020) by Elizabeth Bouquet (rhymes with Okay, I’m told), and the timing could not be better: I’ve spent April (ie National / Global Poetry Writing Month) getting to know – and greatly enjoy and admire – her work.

I haven’t had a chance to dive into the volume yet, but I read the blurbs on the back cover & skimmed through a random sampling of the contents, and I’m certain that the cover’s glowing remarks are more than merely justified.

My only (very slight) negative criticism is that the font throughout is — at least for these aging eyes — just a tad too small, forcing me to use the lowest end of my trifocals. BUT: knowing what I already know about this author’s finely-crafted, amusing, touching, insightful, humorous and engaging work, I know I would gladly run out and buy myself a magnifying glass if that became necessary.

NaPoWriMo may be over, but the fine poetry will last, now that I have this collection on my shelf.
Thanks, Elizabeth.

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