How To Get There

How To Get There

Just keep going.

You might feel like stopping off
at that coffee shop you like to visit
over there on the corner of Haiku Ave
and Sevenling Street,
…………………………………………..or maybe
spend an afternoon hanging around
in the shade under Puente Bridge,
studying your favorite poets,
doing your best not to plagiarize
your favorite poet’s poetry.

You might doze off once in a while,
mesmerized by odes in tetrameter,
and decide to wake yourself up
by taking a quick, invigorating dip
into a really free verse stream of
…………………………..opening your eyes to
discover that the seasons are about
to change; that April’s almost over.

And maybe you’ll be ready for May.

maybe not. Maybe you already know
there’s nothing new to look forward to,
nothing but more words, more poetry,
more staying awake until sunrise,
struggling, sitting at the keyboard,
…………….Maybe you’ll just want to quit.


NaPoWriMo 2021
Day #30/30


12 thoughts on “How To Get There

  1. You made me smile, Ron. I imagine you living on Sevenling Street, very handy for the coffee shop. Don’t forget the Poets Pub just around the corner. I love the idea of a ‘quick, invigorating dip into a really free verse stream of consciousness’.

  2. Where I come from, there’s a saying, “You can’t get there, from here.” So I went there, and here I am, and I’m awfully glad I encountered you along the way. Looking forward to see what you come up with next!

  3. A delightful end to the month, Ron.! Like Kim, I can imagine you living on Sevenling Street, with the coffee shop around the corner on Haiku Ave. I’m pleased you’ve traveled “Puente Bridge” too. 😀 No, don’t stop–there’s always more to look forward to.

  4. Love the detail in this, it really grounds it in a sense of place. I’m glad you introduced yourself. I may well hang around checking out your website from time to time.

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