Nothing Monday

It’s Haibun Monday again, and American Haikai Master Frank J Tassone asks us to join him at the dVerse Poets Pub and create/share a Haibun (prose/haiku combo) exploring and expressing “The Present Moment”.


Nothing Monday 

He wakes up early (yet again, as always) on Haibun Monday morning, feverishly seeking something—anything—to capture his attention. He lets his keyboard drag him out of bed, bangs out his unfocused stream-of-semiconsciousness Morning Pages, and hits the shower, hoping that the shampoo and nearly-scalding water will inspire something more productive than just blogging about his breakfast.

Kahlua coffee
another scrambled sunrise
—silence in April—

dVerse Poets Pub
Haibun Monday
~ The Present Moment ~

16 thoughts on “Nothing Monday

  1. Your haibun is so relatable, Ron, and ‘Nothing Monday’ describes pretty much every day during the pandemic, although I am going to collect my prescription myself today, for the first time in ages. I might even go for a coffee while I’m out and about. I love that ‘scrambled sunrise’!

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