How It Happened

(She doesn’t remember the details
and she has never believed his version
but he always tells it the same) :

The Night They Met

She didn’t know he liked poetry;
had no reason to believe he might
fall in love forever, immediately

—not because of her looks (her
beautiful long brown hair, framing
even more beautiful brown eyes) —

but because she noticed him first,
approached him confidently, saw him
frowning, downing yet another shot

and slid into the barstool beside him,
smiling, capturing his lonely poet’s heart
and filling his empty world with rhyme.

“Why so glum, chum?” she asked.

And that was that, he always says
(even decades and decades later).
He’s glad that she didn’t just say “Hi.”

NaPoWriMo 2021
Day 25/30
~ Occasional Poetry ~

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