A brief, snotty poem in Anapest Tetrameter (one of my least favorites).

For what it’s’ worth, in Morse Code, two shorts followed by a long (ie –/ –/ ——) is the letter “U”, which is the second letter in the word I usually spit out when tasked with writing in any anapestic meter.

Oh well…



Oh, the ANapest MEter’s too EASy to WRITE
and it MAKES all my VERses feel POINTless and TRITE.

But it MIGHT just be ME (I’m not FUSSy or STRICT)
And I HATE when the RHYthm’s not HARD to preDICT.

So I GUESS I’ll just STICK with the FREE verse I DO
And I’ll LEAVE all the ANapest VERSes to YOU.

dVerse Poets
Meet The Bar Thursday
~ Anapest Tetrameter ~


16 thoughts on “Pestered

  1. Well done for rebelling in a such an anapesty way, Ron! I’m not keen on anapestic tetrameter or Dr Seuss,
    but I was too chicken to stand up and fight
    against meter that makes verses feel pointless and trite.

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