To Be At 3:45 AM

Must the toady die today? Die?
Or die today? Is that the question?
And what for? Just to die?

Why not just go to sleep,
perchance  just to dream; to
unshuffle the deck; to become
a model mortal, coy and quiet,
confidently quitting whatever
scornful whips of Time or
sweaty grunts may come our way?

There’s always the rubber room
from which no traveler returns…
(To be in there or not to be…
that’s the question to be asked).

And who would? Would you?
Think it over, but think quick.
Like my friend Billy used to say:
“The clock’s ticking, Dude; if you
wait too long, you’ll chicken out.”

NaPoWriMo 2021
Day #18/30


Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #66

poets and storytell


15 thoughts on “To Be At 3:45 AM

  1. I love the early morning questions which also sometimes have me pondering the rubber room, but I want to know who toady is. A lexigram play on today?

  2. I am caught up on the wrong thing, a literal wondering of, “Why not just go to sleep?” Why, oh, why can’t pets and people “just go to sleep?” It’s so much easier on the survivors.
    I love your paraphrasing, it makes Billy so current!

  3. You’ve twisted the Bard’s words in and out and roundabout in wise and wonder-filled ways.

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