As It Should Be

This morning’s forecast
requires no translation.
There is nothing unintelligible
about the sunshine, nothing
open to interpretation, nothing
equivocal. No.
…………………………..This morning
the lawn—if brown can be a lawn,
if a lawn is a mat of last year’s leaves—
this morning, then, at long last
is finally and totally frost-free,
no snow left anywhere, just a
slowly warming too-long cold
and the promise of a soon Spring.

NaPoWriMo 2021
Day 13/30
~ News In Verse ~


7 thoughts on “As It Should Be

  1. If I were to do an erasure, with today’s news, with your poem…

    This morning’s forecast 
no translation.
sunshine, nothing 

equivocal. No 

    if brown can be
a mat of last year
    slowly warming too-long

  2. Exactly as it should be – sorry, Ron, spring weather got here first. I tried to send it your way, but it was having none of it. But it will be with you very soon. I gave it a nudge.

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