To whom It May Concern:

Please don’t be concerned.

Warm Regards,
–Ron. Lavalette


Dear Mr. Lavalette:

As regards your latest missive:
not to worry, Dude. All’s well.
Well, at least we’re not, ummm…

Well, let’s just put it like this:

Given the nature of The Universe,
it is our firm belief that “concern”
and/or any conviction that it
may or may not generate
is truly a waste of time
(assuming, of course, that
one accepts the commonly held
but erroneous assumption that
“The Universe” has parameters
and that any and all attempts
to either analyze or record it
will inevitably fail because, um,
after all, there is no “All”).

So: thanks for your concern about
our level of concern but, ummm…
(Wait; we’ve already said “ummm…”
a couple of times, haven’t we?)
Never mind.

Rest assured; we’re not.

Thanks again for your interest.

Feel Free,

NaPoWriMo 2021
Day Eleven
~ Correspondence ~


4 thoughts on “Correspondences

  1. Dear Ron,
    You made me chuckle this Sunday morning,
    in a place where the mood is glum
    because the nation is in mourning.
    And yes, I agree that on some
    levels, concern is indeed a waste of time,
    I’d just like to know you’re feeling fine.

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