I’ve got other plans for tomorrow (4/9) so, in addition to posting this for today’s d’Verse Poets challenge, I’m also tagging it for tomorrow’s NaPoWriMo Daily (#9) Poem.


More Than Before

I’ve still got all my body parts.
I’ve lost a few teeth along the way,
added and dropped some weight
(though I suppose I’ll never get back
to my babyweight until I’m finally ash)
and I’m taller than I was at birth
even though I’m starting to shrink
(if slouching counts as shrinkage).

But I’ve still got all the essentials.

Just to be sure, every morning, early,
before I dare to get out of bed
I rub my eyeballs and lick my lips,
check under the covers and count:
two arms, two legs, all twenty digits.
I listen to be sure I’m breathing and
I check to be sure there’s a pulse.

Every morning, the same old body.

But I’ve got more than what I started with:
I‘ve got way more wrinkles than ever
(do wrinkles count as body parts?)
And If I reckon up the aches and pains
and itches, the unfulfilled desires,
the memory-blocking tinnitus,
and the almost overwhelming desire
to get back to where I started…

I guess I’m ahead of the game.

D’Verse Poets
Meeting The Bar
~ Body Poems ~
NaPoWriMo 2021
(Posting Early)
~ Day 9 ~

13 thoughts on “Inventory

  1. This made me smile, and wince a bit Ron. Always a pleasure to read you my friend. Reminds me of the old joke — every morning I read the obituaries to make sure I’m still alive.

  2. I guess you are ahead. This made me laugh to think of the taking inventory, and counting wrinkles as body parts. Just think how much weight your brain must have gained with all the extra knowledge over the years! 😀

  3. This is incredibly moving 🙂 I believe as we age we develop more wisdom which our bodies carry along with time.. yes, we gain a few wrinkles but hey .. even the moon that hangs high in the sky isn’t immaculate 💝

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