The Flip

This week’s Poetics Challenge at d’Verse Poets asks us to take a poem (one of our own or one by someone else) and “flip it”, creating its opposite. Check out this video below for a brilliant excursion into the technique.

I chose one of my own. I didn’t work so hard at flipping the language, concentrating on concept instead. I chose: “…some sort of gun.”

Originally Published at:
Night Terrors and Daymares / Vol 1 (Print /PDF Anthology) June 2018
–Previously published: See Into The Dark (Print Anthology) May 2016


“…some sort of gun”

I’d like to think
I might have found more to say
had it been me lying there
……………instead of him.

The “flipped” version:

Empty Promises

I looked up at him.
I could see tears in his eyes.
His lips were moving
……….but he was still holding his gun.

Huge thanks to Lisa for hosting us at d’Verse with such an interesting challenge
D’Verse Poets
Tuesday Poetics
~ Flipped Meanings ~


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