An argument (in lunes) about writing prompts:

Mr. Collom:

don’t tell me
what I ought to write
I’m not listening

Mr. Kelly:

seriously, dude?
it’s April
you ain’t got nothin

Mr Collom:

writing prompts suck
it’s like being in jail
—let me out—

(brief pause)

no, wait…never mind
prompt away
I’ll just ignore them


*Collom Lunes: 3-5-3 words
*Kelly Lunes: 5-3-5 syllables

NaPoWriMo 2021
~Day 6~


9 thoughts on “Lunefest

  1. Hi Ron,
    It was weird reading your interview, I feel that I recognised you in the way you comment, what you like and of course your own writing.
    I have just saved the brilliant, (and yes, mind blowing), One Long Post to my favourites. I remember exactly where I was when I first read it! Having just re-read it I feel it worth being able to access quickly to share with my friends. I know a young writer here in England who wrote a line which includes the phrase, “the endless page” when referring to a laptop page and he will love it!
    Chris Perry (a.k.a. & Johnny)

    • Wow; thanks for all the posvibes, chris. Actually, I owe everything to my Minions. Have you met my Minions? No? Scroll up to the header & click on Meet The Minions. It’s them what’s doin all the work around here.

  2. You mean we have to suffer through your NPM poems all April??
    Kidding!! You have introduced me/us to many new forms of poetry. Trying some on in the privacy of my computer. 🙂

  3. It’s always a love-hate relationship, as was noted above. Last year they made me angry almost every day, but this year I’m more willing to give them a try. OK, I didn’t make a personal deck of cards…(K)

  4. I like this! Since I’m just doing the prompts on Sundays, I can pick and choose which ones I like the best! Sometimes I just can’t make a poem or even prose out of them. So, I don’t.

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