Mathematician’s Entertainment

Seven wins, three losses.
Easy, he thinks
Seven out of ten.
Seventy percent.

And the opponent
in the blue corner
the announcer says
eighteen wins
one loss, one draw.

He does the mental math.

There’s already blood.
Even before the bell
their soles are red.

The lesser man wins.

The main event:

Kickboxer, Champion:
Twenty-four wins,
two losses

An undefeated challenger
fourteen wins
twelve by knockout

Even if he had money
he wouldn’t bet.

He’s had his fun
clicks the remote
goes to bed.

NaPoWriMo 2021 #5


One thought on “Mathematician’s Entertainment

  1. A night in TV land, I’ve spent many Ron. Zolpidem keeps me clickin’ & bingin’ — dome nights it’s real life be damned. I like this Ron. I just linked my post for Day 5 just a little above yours. Sharp shootin’ my way through NaPoWriMo 2021. And still ridin’ the poetry horses from our reg’ler sites… YEEEHAW,

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