Getting The Last Word

I don’t usually engage in metapoetics (ie writing poetry about writing poetry) but today, well, um….



Getting The Last Word

He feels like he’s finally finished
with his pen-and-paper journals;
with notebooks; with laptops and iPads;
with tablets; with Post-Its; with stenos.

He’s done with reviewing his re-writes,
revising and envisioning revisions; finished
with overtime workshops reworking his works;
submitting and submitting and submitting.

He’s written what he’s written.
The writing’s on the wall.

NaPoWriMo 2021 #4
Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry # 64
Writer’s Digest
PAD Challenge (Day 3)
~ Communication Poetry ~



21 thoughts on “Getting The Last Word

  1. How often have I felt like this and it’s scared me. But I guess its never done until it is. Wishing you a lot more poetry and writing. Happy Easter Ron!

  2. Sometimes we feel like we’re writing ourselves into a corner, and I really get fed up with the relentless rejections, but the occasional acceptance and publication still stirs my heart strings, Ron, as I hope they do yours. It’s sharing with like-minded writers that keeps us alive. No writing on the wall yet, I hope.

  3. It will feel good to reach this feeling, but I wonder, is it really ever there? The words will creep on napkins, in the crevices of park benches. I’ve tried to shut them out before, there’s always a back door. 🙂 Enjoying your NaPoWriMo’s

    • This poem took me back to when my uncle Henry was approaching the end of his life. I mentioned somey about his StatusHe said to me sort of wistfully,

      • This posted too soon! About his status theory and he said wistfully, I sure deviled you all with that, didn’t I?
        He knew it was the actual end.

  4. Delightful! I snagged a copy for my file.
    Which prompts a query about your use of Ron. instead of simply Ron … when I see this I hear “Ron Dot” … play with associations to Ram Dass? (A Ram Dass metapoetics might well parallel this post.)

    • I (almost) always have to remind publishers to include my dot. It’s no biggie: My name is Ronald. Sadly, my family used to call me Ronnie. I never cared for either version, so I opted for an abbreviation. My writing name has always been (Ron.). I recognize that to many this is mere affectation, but if it was good enough for Geo. Washington, it’s good enough for me.

  5. To me “the writing’s on the wall” conveys a bit of the “what’s done is done” and now all he can do is wait and see if anyone likes it. It’s the time when it’s too late to change a word, it’s already out there, written on the wall for all to see.

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