Dreamland Newsreel Rerun

For this week’s Meeting The Bar (Form) Challenge at dVerse Poets, our friend Peter Frankis provides us with several stunningly good examples of Circular Poetry (either form or concept) and asks us to create something in the same vein, ending up somewhere near where it began.

Coincidentally, my (appx 5AM) Morning Pages exercise piece kind of ended up where it started, so I opened up the file, did a little tweaking and….

I admit to being only half-awake when I wrote it, but I hope this measures up:


Dreamland Newsreel Rerun

All night long the newsreel dreamer dreams,
dreaming endless dreams of new news, reels
upon reels of rerun ancient oldies, songs sung,
first dates’ faces etched in scattered sketchbooks,
empty checkbooks, books upon books upon books
read and unread; books he still intends to write:
The Bill of Rights For The Unremarkable Man,
All the Wrong Things To Do, All The Things I Did Or
Should Have Done Instead, The Dead Man’s Dream,
and on and on and on.
And there’s awesome footage of his favorite author’s
autograph hounds overstepping each other, hoping
only to win the bet, get the red-hot famous name,
head home smiling, all the while justly dreaming of
crawling back into bed, reviewing the day’s events
on The Nightly News until finally, finally, finally
drifting off to Dreamland’s rerun rerun newsreels.

dVerse poets
Meeting The Bar
~ Coming Full Circle ~


14 thoughts on “Dreamland Newsreel Rerun

  1. This is gorgeously rendered, Ron 🙂 I resonate with “reviewing the day’s events,” and love how seamlessly you have carried the thought process to the final line. Kudos! 💝

  2. So like the repetitions and mutations in the first part – gradually finding focus – and the middle ambitions, the adulation and then the return – a fine circle poem and wondrous imaginative journey.

  3. This is just odd enough to be something I would dream. I think it’s because I take benadryl before bed. They say now not to take it on the regular because it could lead to dementia. Yet, I still probably going to take it. (Maybe I already did)

  4. I reely (sorry) enjoyed this trip through your dreamland newsreels! It felt like going on a journey through the wonders of the sleeping mind. A great way to address the prompt.

  5. The pandemic has been like this, a never-decreasing circle and, just when we thought it was coming to an end, the British government has extended the lockdown rules until the end of September, more nightmare than dream. I prefer the reruns and oldies, and I love the titles of the books the dreamer intends to write!

  6. Daily events have a way of playing out in the dreamscape. Some nights I just want to hit pause and search for an inspiring bit of news on another channel. Now, where is that remote?

  7. Nice use of repetition to create motion. It really feels like I’m reading while an old movie reel is turning. And “first dates’ faces etched in scattered sketchbooks” is a great line.

  8. Half awake is sometimes not asleep enough, however that equation balances, you produced a wonderful poem of that world, oh all those books unwritten! I have Many of those

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