Even though everything is
kind of messy this morning
he takes a deep breath,
takes a minute, recalls
his mid-life crisis years
decades ago
and counts his blessings;
does an old man’s Joydance.

It isn’t so easy anymore.
Aches and pains come and go.

He can’t tell if it’s something
he ate or failed to eat or if it’s
something he drank or something
he drank too much of, but he’s
absolutely certain of this:
he shouldn’t have done it;
he should have known better.

Still, most things are better now,
(all things considered) and
even though nothing’s perfect,
he’s managed to learn something:
nothing’s ever perfect.

But it’s Springtime again
(at least outside his window) and
even though he’s stuck inside
in the mid-Autumn of his life
he overlooks the ache,
does the Joydance
one more time.

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #62
~ Shut Up And Dance ~

poets and storytell

16 thoughts on “Encore

  1. woke up to some rousing Jesus music on the radio and did my 71 years old-lady dance.
    Happy Wednesday Ron

    much love…

  2. My dearest Rob., this is my latest favorite by you. I so can relate–with the pain, the almost disbelief that comes with feeling exactly inside in my heart but totally different in my flesh and bones, with shaking my fist at my small collection of aches and choosing to do one more “Joydance”. I love this so much!

  3. I have already passed my three score years and ten so I am not grumbling…except that is at the aches and pains, and wondering where my memory went and where all my friends have gone.

  4. A fun write, Ron. I have my doubts about eating wrong being a culprit here. Google helped me as there are several Joydance results for organized or common usage.
    Nice write!!

  5. Ahh you nailed it, Ron. Love the Joy dance, in whatever form it takes, these days. It’s fog out there right now, but if I squint, I can see spring slowly moving across the landscape.
    the cat is not impressed. But, then, he never is.

  6. A little joydancing now and then does the soul good. Though the body may require an icepack and ibuprofen later, it’s still worth it.

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