Egg Test

Here’s an Oldie, originally published (print only) in October 2011 in the premier issue (#1 of only 5) of the now-defunct and/or journal from SophiaOmni Publishing (2010-2015).


Egg Test  *

This is Nish. Point
to Nish. Good.

This is Hondar.
Point to Hondar. Now
point to Nish. Good.

This is Kiptron. Point
to Kiptron. Good.
Now point to Nish.
Point to Hondar. Good.

This is uh, Whatsisname.
Point to whatsisname.
Now point to Hondar.
Kiptron. Nish.

This is a tough one. Point.
Good. Now Hondar.
Whatsisname. Nish.
Kiptron. Good.

Point. Point. Kiptron.
Good. Whatsisname.
Uh, point. Now Hondar.
Nish. Good.

Good. Good. Point.


*I have no recollection of why I entitled this piece “Egg Test”. The poem is a take-off of one of the many subtests included in the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery of Tests, which I used to regularly administer waaaaay back when, during my career in Special Education.


and/or published 3 of my pieces back in 2010, and “Egg Test” was one of them. You can READ THEM ALL HERE.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #61

poets and storytell

9 thoughts on “Egg Test

  1. Well of course I had to go and read the others too; enjoyed them all. Hope you managed to get this little gem into some kind of professional journal where your colleagues could appreciate the satire.

  2. I was struggling to see how eggs figured in. Types of chickens I don’t recognize because what is being pointed at is a mystery to me. I love the rhythm and directive.

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