Sunday At The Cinema

Our first date was her idea: double feature
at the upscale porno cinema downtown:
Leather And Lace and Cumming Home.
I had asked her out to dinner, but…

She said she’d never been there before
but the buxom babe in the ticket booth
and the overly solicitous usher, grinning,
unintentionally let her cat out of the bag.

We had a couple of pre-show cocktails
and played a little footsie under the table;
each of us shared a little Ex- history and
opted for Red-Hots instead of popcorn.

We went in to watch the show. It wasn’t
as high-budget as we’d hoped, but it wasn’t
bad, either. It wasn’t until I took her home
we knew that we’d both seen it all before.

All things considered, a good first date;
she asked if I was free again on Tuesday.

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