JJ’s (non)Fan Letter

Dear Mr. Joyce

I know you have the best of aims
and don’t just write for writing’s sake
but I just can’t parse Ulysses’ day
or fathom Finnegin’s Wake.

So what’s the point of genius, then,
if words obscure and plot disguise
an art we know is buried there
but cannot see through un-Enlightened eyes?

dVerse Poets Pub
Tuesday Poetics
~ The Verse Epistle ~


10 thoughts on “JJ’s (non)Fan Letter

  1. This is such a elegant and strong write! I agree, what’s the point of genius then 🙂 Thank you so much for writing to the prompt, Ron 💝💝

  2. Your poem was as much fun as Joyce’s. Loved the use of “parse”. Of course I had to you tube the Dubliners! Thanks

  3. I think you need to be a scholar of Joyce to get the most out of Finnegan’s Wake or Ulysses. When I read the latter there were so many references I didn’t get, but I still loved the language. For a more digestible Joyce, there’s always Dubliners or even Portrait of the Artist. I still think ‘The Dead’ is one of the best short stories ever written (at least that I’ve read.)

  4. Am I the only one who loves James Joyce? I was completely immersed in Ulysses, adored Porttrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and The Dubliners reminded me that Dublin society hasn’t changed that much at all. Maybe it’s because I lived in Ireland for several years that it all made sense to me. I enjoyed your poem, Ron, and understand where you’re coming from. I feel the same about some other authors.

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