The Price We Pay

This week’s form challenge, posed by our friend Peter at dVerse Poets, asks us to write something with a “turn”. Most of us are familiar with this technique in sonnets, but I thought I’d try it with a Terza Rima.


The Price We Pay

The way we choose is often hard and long
but still we choose to go there anyway
and end up where there is no love or song

or love songs–no nice place to be, or stay.
Instead, we make our choice and stand our ground
and face the music, come whatever may.

There must be more than days without a sound.

dVerse Poets
Meeting The Bar
~ Middles and Turns ~


17 thoughts on “The Price We Pay

  1. Such a challenging form this and you’ve danced right through it. I particularly liked the hinge – ‘no love or songs // or love songs… and the concluding line – which answers in a way the whole question of the poem.

  2. Choices, not easy to make or live with. I enjoy peace and quiet but I couldn’t cope with days without a sound. I enjoyed the way your poem turned on two lines and a play on words, Ron:
    and end up where there is no love or song
    or love songs–no nice place to be, or stay.

  3. a philosphocal Ron – neither blaming nor blameless but the turn at the end raises the single doubt as to how it all sits with the one looking back in contemplation.

    This was such a good choice for the prompt too and you did it well with movement pulling in opposite directions as in the Terza Rima:
    “Rhyming the first and third lines gives each tercet a sense of temporary closure; rhyming the second line with the first and last lines of the next stanza generates a strong feeling of propulsion. “

    • Thanks, Laura, for the extensive analysis and your positive response to my effort. I always appreciate it, though I do not always say so, or at least as often as I should, I guess.

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