Upon Reflection (II)

Slightly revised (from several months back, at dVerse Poets) for this week’s P/SU Writers’ Pantry:

Upon Reflection

It’s that one time of day:
those few final fading
pre-sunset moments when
the muted, slanting rays
manage to angle themselves
into his west-facing window,
set his imagination ablaze,
and turn his long-blank
computer screen
into a mirror.

He tries
to capture the image;
attempts to reflect
upon reflection.

He fails.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #56

poets and storytell

13 thoughts on “Upon Reflection (II)

  1. Such a reflective poem, Ron! I love that you have taken an ordinary experience and given it so much depth, and the way the ‘muted, slanting rays… set his imagination ablaze’.

  2. That he recognized the beauty of the reflection says he was “in the moment” — a credible place to be! Well penned, Ron.

  3. Some things are like that, they defy our capturing them. And that exact reflection will never be again, as the days lengthen or shorten. You gave me some things to reflect on!

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