Now I Imagine

(This week’s P/SU Scribbler asks us to write something relevant to the concept of “If I knew then what I know now.”)


Now I Imagine

I’m not looking around anymore 
for Santa Claus or The Easter Bunny,
not wishing on a star, not crossing
my fingers, not blowing out candles,
or kneeling down in church to pray.

No. I used to do all that stuff;
I used to think all those things
might make a difference, might
get me what I wanted, get me
whatever it was I thought I needed.

But I’ve put most of that behind me.
I’m a grown-up now and I know
what I guess I should have known
all along: a wish is only a wish and
dreams almost never come true.

But even today, when people ask
what it is I’d ask for if I could have
whatever it is I want, I tell them:
Peace. World Peace. It’s no dream.
You only have to change your mind.”

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #54
~ Tricky Hindsight ~

Still My Anthem:

12 thoughts on “Now I Imagine

  1. Oh yes, that’s mine too! And of course that song is the perfect accompaniment toy our poem.

    Well here is what a wise person once told me: “That’s a vision much too big to realise all by yourself. It might be too big to bring about within your lifetime. But there are lots and lots of people on your team. Most you’ll never ever meet. Some are already dead; others haven’t been born yet. And there are some whom you WILL meet in your lifetime. So just keep doing whatever you can, knowing you’re part of this huge team working for the same thing.”

    Hi Ron. I’m Rosemary. I’m on your team.

  2. Your aren’t alone dreaming that dream that is only a dream until we make it true. Yep, all we “only have to change [our] mind[s]”. And work really, really, really hard to make it so.

  3. Thank you for the musical affirmation … and wise poem.
    I’m noting how your poem correlates with my daily Enneagram “teaching” – as a 9, my true desire is peace. And in today’s clearly-connected world, that desire clearly is world peace. We all need to keep spreading the word – like you’ve just done.

  4. “blowing out candles,
    or kneeling down in church to pray,” you went from kid stuff to adult behavior quite nicely, Ron. I still remember when “Santa” himself spilled the beans because he though surely I knew he was our neighbor guy. I still like doing the others, people expect it of us. I cannot get on my knees anymore because both kneecaps are broken, have been a long, long time, and won’t heal back together.
    It brings a guilty feeling though, when we spoil a youngster’s faith in these.

  5. Oh no….I am never putting all that stuff behind me….if you spend
    your life in the clouds there is no opportunity to wage war with
    anyone…it’s very busy though jumping moon beams all the time
    I’m sending Santa down to have a word with you

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