Thanks But, Umm, No

Thanks But, Umm… No                                  (144 words)

Mostly I write poetry, though I’ve been known to eke out a halfway decent flash proser every now and then. Sometimes some decent verse comes out of my stream-of-consciousness, no-line-breaks-allowed Morning Pages, banged out before I’m fully awake. And sometimes prose stays prose.

Only rarely am I pleased with flash prose developed from a prompt, though. But I always try to give it a try.

And I always know, right off the bat, if the prompt is (or isn’t) going to do it for me. So when I read the Prosery Monday Prompt at my favorite writers’ spot, a line from a Mary Oliver poem (‘Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy,’) I knew it wasn’t going flip my switch.

I decided to just read and comment on my fellow writers’ contributions, and work on something from my Works-in-Progress file instead.

dVerse Poets Pub
Prosery Monday
~ Bone Weary ~


19 thoughts on “Thanks But, Umm, No

  1. I’ve always wanted a week’s advance notice of a challenge so I could have time to find inspiration, then tweak and improve . My must doesn’t move terribly quickly any more!

  2. Your explication regarding not writing for the prompt, of course is the perfect prose for the prompt. Hosting the Pub is an investment in time and energy. So we are forced to come fresh to the prompts, and have to kick-start our inspirations, leaving some rough edges to our work, but I enjoy the challenge.

  3. I see someone else has read “The Artist’s Way”. Bought my first printing copy back in 1992, 2 years after moving to Oregon. I continue to do my version of morning pages that I call midnight pages. 12:00 AM — 3:00 AM is the best time to harvest my subconscious mind. I am in way too much pain and confusion when I first wake up to even try to write.

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