Appearance Matters

Is that a seven or
a question mark?
7? ?? Maybe it’s
a P… P? Maybe
it’s time for glasses.

Everything he writes
comes down to trusting
his fingers. His fingers.
Only his fingers can
tell a colon from a semi;
only his fingers know
an O is not a zero,
H0T is never HOT.

He’s always awake
way too early; always.
He’s almost always
too tired, too; almost
never sleeps soundly
for more than maybe
a couple of hours. He
sits, staring at the keys
for 22 hours a day.

Sometimes even longer;
sometimes his failure to
fall asleep lasts more than
merely 22 hours; maybe
22 becomes 222 or even
weeks on end until, finally,
222 gives up the ghost and
becomes 222ZZZzzzZZZ.

He isn’t sure, anymore,
about anything. Anything.
But he knows this much:
new glasses won’t help.

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