Poets and Storytellers United has returned from its holiday break, and host Magaly has tasked us with making a new scribble on any previous Weekly Scribbling prompt. I opted for Scribble #35 (Sept. 2020), The Joy Of Rest. 

(My original Scribble # 35)


3d rendered illustration of a shoulder replacement


It’s almost morning. He’s still awake.

Even though the windows are sealed,
even though the thermostat’s cranked,
he gets up and steals an extra comforter
from the guest room’s empty daybed.

It’s cold and he’s got a brand new
titanium implant keeping him awake,
giving the cold shoulder to dreams
and forcing him to accept insomnia.

Cold or ache or no cold ache at all,
there’s no going back to sleep.

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #51
~Look Back / Write Forward ~


11 thoughts on “Post-Surgical

  1. Revisiting past writing is a great pastime on a winter’s eve….this one not such a comfortable one, but good to be able to look back on and know it ended well!

  2. You’ve described the post-surgery state so well–the ache, the sleepiness, the general discomfort… I’ve had a surgery (or 17) and every time feels like the first time, when it comes to feeling miserable.

  3. We are leaving our electric blanket in the closet this winter. Last few years we haven’t gotten cold enough for it. I have a ten year old titanium knee joint, my secret is to put an airline or baby pillow between my knees. If it leaves while I’m sleeping it hasn’t woken me up.

  4. The perfect poem for ‘The Joy Of Rest’, Ron. I hope I never have to have a shoulder replacement. I love the way you played with words in ‘giving the cold shoulder to dreams’ and ‘Cold or ache or no cold ache at all’ – I bet there’s no going back to sleep!

  5. Gah! I hate it when I wake up early, but not early enough to go back to sleep. My only major surgery thus far was my C-section, and I remember sleeping quite a bit with whatever they gave me.

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