Sub Rosa

I’ve never been much of a Gothic Lit fan, but…

Sub Rosa

He knows what she thinks;
knows what she’s thinking
when she brings him coffee
and finds him weeping at the
keyboard, weeping at sunrise
because sunrise, like her,
his love, is just too beautiful
to bear.
………………He knows she can
hear him, softly singing his
love songs, singing all those
oldies about love and peace
and all those other songs he
makes up on the spot just to
make her smile.
—someday too soon, he’s sure—
she will no doubt discover his
secret knife collection and his
very most secret notebooks;
someday she’ll see his talons.

dVerse Poets
Tuesday Poetics Challenge
~ Going Gothic ~


17 thoughts on “Sub Rosa

  1. Yowza! A fabulous twist at the end, Ron 😀 It makes me wonder .. do we ever really know a person? Enjoyed this one immensely. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💝

  2. Chilling. So many different sides to a person that we may or may not uncover. Only time will tell for sure, but there’s that lingering question, “Do we ever truly know them?” We know them as well as they let us know them, though body language can give it away.

    Who knows? She too may be a knife fanatic! Or not…

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