While you’re away I have a dream
about Debbie Hanley in her hockey bar,
her pierced tongue in some biker’s ear
but her eyes on me in the corner.

All day long the following day
I thought about the Grace I knew
in college, how I wrote for her
about crows on the phonelines,
and how Patty knew I was falling
but invited Grace and her friends
to come visit us at the beachfront
where we all sat around on the sand
and who loved whom was settled.

And yesterday I sat in the sunshine
up on Prospect Hill, thinking about
a Kathy I’ve never mentioned and
the Susie who took me to Canada
and red-haired Beth, and Linda.

This morning, awaiting your return
I sorted the mail and put out the trash.
The sky is the same blue sky, the grass
the same green green as when we met.

The ghosts that haunt me still, even
after all these years, are insubstantial
in the face of my longing for you.

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #47
Love Makes Love  ~

9 thoughts on “Insubstantiality

  1. We all have bits and pieces of past loves that accompany us through life, collected on our skin, under our nails and in our heads. I enjoyed the trip through yours, Ron, and love the way it ends.

  2. I’m grateful for the relationship practice I got in my young, goofy teen years so I could appreciate the real thing when it finally came along. This is just so sweet.

  3. This touched my heart, brought back memories … October 2019 I traveled back to Illinois for #60 high school reunion. When my first boyfriend hugged me and whispered in my ear “I’m still in love with you” ~ that was thrill enough to last the rest of my life. Cheers.

  4. If autobiographical, it sounds like you were quite the lady’s man!
    I won’t assume, because some of my poems aren’t and people always think they are! I can just hear it, “Who’s Kathy and why haven’t I heard about her before?” but just in teasing.

  5. Thinking of lovers long gone when the one you love is away. But she is the one who has been waited for the one who is still wanted and longed for. I love how you can make the mundane, like taking out the garbage, feel like an act of true love.

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