Mid-Year Mirage

Mid-Year Mirage

I had a dream of September snow; awoke in time to see, instead, June at its midpoint: a crescent moon, blue, newly-risen in a hazy but hardly overheated sky, impending daylight, the rolling tide of hills from here to the horizon a deeper, wider sea of green than I —a solo sailor on this bluest ship— have ever had a whim to sail.

awaiting Autumn
arrival impossible
—only in dreams—

dVerse Poets Pub
Haibun Monday

13 thoughts on “Mid-Year Mirage

  1. It must have been refreshing to have a dream of September snow in the heat of June, Ron. I love the nautical imagery, the ‘solo sailor on this bluest ship’, and the open-mouthed ‘a’ sounds in ‘awaiting Autumn / arrival impossible’.

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