Just Before The After

Before December could start
an icy rain fell,
a faltering staccato.

Even his desire for coffee,
sweet and hotly black,
for woodstove-warmed biscuits
and the smell of cedar smoke
provides no motivation. 
                                           He can only
shudder, remain prone, motionless,
listening to the sleety drumbeat.

November will end. 
—All Novembers always end—
Always. Always. All. 

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #47

14 thoughts on “Just Before The After

  1. Great title, Ron, beautiful opening stanza, and I love the way the middle stanza wakened my senses this Sunday morning – now I’m longing for ‘coffee, sweet and hotly black’ and ‘woodstove-warmed biscuits’. By the end, I was shuddering too.

  2. “An icy fain fell, a faltering staccato” ~ sounds like a musical party to me. Bring on the coffee! This pluviophile would dance to the ‘sleety drumbeat.’ Adieu, November!

  3. The drumbeat before the battle. I think you’ll be playing dead for it, hoping winter won’t notice you.

  4. Oh, how I hated winter before I moved to my current home. It was a cold, cold house, impossible to warm. Each winter I would tell myself, “If I can get to March, I’ll be fine.” March was spring there, now I wait longer for it, but I have a warm house with new windows! I woke to a think coating of snow, which is very unusual. Not a taste of what’s to come, I hope!

  5. Something is really wrong with the world when coffee stops being instantly motivating magic. Thank goodness for spring memories. If not, how could we go on?

    Also, that final senryu is a wonder. I love the truthful, ominous tone. And how the ending it speaks of brews a sense of dread and hope at the same time.

  6. The only way to face an icy rain … black coffee and warm biscuits…and the hope that sleet turns to a lovely snow turning the world pristine white.

  7. Down under in Australia we are wondering what you are talking about as Summer is fluttering it’s eyes at us for a few months. As for our winter it did rain a bit!

  8. For us, living in the city of Kolkata on eastern coast of India, November is about a feel good factor, a few days of relief from the sweaty and humid summer/rainy season that predominates our part of the world. It is a time for picnics and get-togethers, time to spend under the sun. 🙂

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