Six Word Saturday

I Used To Be A Stripper

I’m eagerly awaiting my Contributor Copy of 100 Lives, the latest anthology from Pure Slush Books, which includes my poem I Used To Be A Stripper.

It’s not what you might think, given only the title, but you’ll have to pick up either a print copy (available now) or any e-Pub platform (coming soon) to get the big picture.

Hint: I Used To Be A Stripper…


The anthology is Pure Slush’s Volume #20 & includes 50 poems and 50 prose pieces from 102 authors willing to share some part of their working-life realities.

I’m grateful to Founding Editor / Publisher Matt Potter for selecting and including my work. All of my (many!) previous experiences with Pure Slush Books have been incredibly positive, and I’m sure this will follow suit.

You can sample a taste of each life (including my own) here:
Pure Slush – 100 Lives Sampler


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