Almost Retired

Summer Fun

That’s it; he has almost given up.
He’s totally worn out by his labors,
simultaneously worried and bored
all day long every day, and he can’t
sleep at night either, most nights,
                          Instead, he stays in bed
until he can’t stand it anymore, gets up,
goes to his desk, dozes at the keyboard.

It’s early. He’s got almost nothing to say;
he lets his fingers do the talking:

“It’s the middle of June, but the mornings
are still pretty cool. He lets the early air
wash over him.
                           There’s a long day ahead,
but it’s mostly paper. He’ll probably survive
the morning’s commute to the agency,
spending the day in his swivel chair,
opening both office windows wide, and
getting caught up on those summaries.”

Even as he types out his Daily Plan
waiting for his second coffee to brew,
he can’t believe the obvious:
this is what he does now just for kicks.

RDP Thursday
~ Summer Fun ~

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